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Welcome to The Soul-SourcedTM Business Podcast, where the old rules meet the new soul rules.

Hosted by me, Christine Kane. I’m bringing the unconventional business advice for highly creative, secretly sensitive, wildly ambitious entrepreneurs like us!

On Writing Your First Book

Dream of writing your first book? Or maybe you’ve started writing, but you’re questioning yourself every step of the way? At the recording of this episode, I’m three short weeks away from releasing my first book, and I’ve got some insight to help you think more clearly - and less judgy - about yourself as you get your book outta your head and into existence.

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When Beliefs Block Your Vision

Do you have a great big dream for your business … but catch yourself settling for less? Let’s unpack the subtle (and not so subtle) ways we sell ourselves short, and I’ll share some time-tested insights into how you can stop asking - and striving - for less than you deserve.

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Procrastination and Imperfect Action

Is there a book waiting inside you, but you keep not writing it? Maybe a new program or a new direction in your business, but you remain frozen. No matter where you’re procrastinating, if the idea of not getting things 100% right is keeping you from even trying, let’s explore some common fears that keep Soul-SourcedTM entrepreneurs stuck, and discover the purpose (and power!) of taking imperfect action.

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How to Reinvent Yourself

Ready to create your big reinvention story? Before you toss the old to make way for the new, here’s some insight from my own personal breakdown-before-the-breakthrough. This episode exposes the secret truth of how reinvention really happens as I share the five years of uncertainty and a-ha’s that were part and parcel of my own journey of letting go.

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The Breakdown Before the Breakthrough

Got business burn out? Feel like nothing’s working for you anymore? Well, it’s been a hell of a year, and the pressure to achieve just keeps building, even though everything feels off. So, how can we keep going? Let’s explore the bright side of your breakdown and provide you with tools to see the potential that’s inviting you in.

The Empire Mentality

Does it feel like you’re always putting out fires in your business? Are you treating your passion-driven work as a hobby? Sometimes it’s hard for Soul-Sourced™ Entrepreneurs to go from taking direction, operating as an employee, to taking ownership, thinking like a business owner. So let's look at some essential steps to claim your place as the CEO of Y.O.U. and make those lingering internal adjustments so you can fully embody what I call your empire mentality.

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The ‘Play Big’ Zone

Is there something you keep not doing? Something big you want to take on that you just haven’t been able to bring yourself to claim? Confession: I was scared to death to tell anyone I wanted to be a musician. And I did exactly what scared people do... I made excuses, told stories, and stayed stuck. These patterns can stop any dream, vision, or goal dead in its tracks. Today’s episode features two stories… one when I was about to give up on everything, the other when I saved some clients from giving up everything.

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Change the How, Not the What

Have you lost that lovin’ feeling for your business? Has the passion and excitement run dry? Before you take off sprinting in a completely different direction, let’s get curious and find out what else might be going on. Maybe it’s not WHAT you’re doing that has you wanting to cut and run, but HOW you’ve been doing it … and that my friend, can be fixed.

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When Boundaries Get Broken (Part 2)

Have you ever broken a boundary you set in your business, only to sit back and wonder, “What the heck was I thinking??” In part two of “When Boundaries Get Broken,” we enter the ninja zone of self-awareness and extreme personal power. You’ll get some real tools for how to catch yourself at that critical moment as you’re about to dive off the “Sure, I’ll do that!” ledge yet again, so that you can pause and get clear.

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When Boundaries Get Broken (Part 1)

Does it sometimes feel like people just walk all over you? Or you hear yourself saying “yes” when you know in your heart you should say “no.” Do you ever feel like people ignore your boundaries, standards or needs? If so, then fret no more! In this first episode of a 2-part series, we’re going to look at what to do when a boundary has been miscommunicated or a line has been crossed, and how to express your feelings from a place of clarity, authenticity and integrity, even when (especially when!) it’s uncomfortable.

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On Being Cut Out for Business

Ever ask yourself if you’re cut out for this entrepreneur thing? Well you’re not alone. In fact, I’ve asked myself the very same question. So many books out there about how to run a business … all the strategic, left brain stuff that rarely jibes with Soul-SourcedTM entrepreneurs who started with an idea, not a business plan. But, just because you’re not one of those kick-ass-and-take-names entrepreneurs, doesn’t mean you can’t be highly successful. And that’s what today’s episode is all about.

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The Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

The number one entrepreneurial fear my clients have confessed to over the years is the fear of putting themselves out there (i.e., the fear of being seen, or being a fraud). To make matters worse they then move on to stuffing those feelings down, which won’t help at all. Well, today on the Soul-SourcedTM Business Podcast, I'm bringing you an alternative option, one that you can turn to time and time again when you need it.

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The 5 Phases of the Entrepreneur

Starting, running, and growing a creative business - what I call Soul-SourcedTM - can be tricky waters to navigate. Then we throw in comparisonitis and all the should’s of entrepreneurship, and we begin to blindly follow the white rabbit down the trail. But there is good news, my friend. Over the years in working with clients here at Uplevel, I've identified phases we experience, and with this clarity, we're put back into the driver's seat of our business!

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The 6 P’s of Coaching

Being a coach is a skillset based on knowledge, experience, and practice. Some entrepreneurs have a hard time labeling themselves as “coach,” but in reality, we all coach our clients in some fashion. Coaching happens in all types of businesses. Let’s take a look under the hood and find the truth about the mechanics of coaching.

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Cringe-Worthy Requests and What to Say

Let’s face it. These awkward moments are gonna happen. Sometimes, they make us laugh. Sometimes, they piss us off. Either way, you can remain calm and clear - and maintain your standards and boundaries. Today, we’re going to look at this all-too-common occurrence from every angle. Think of it as a full-body workout, and let me share a framework to navigate these conversations with ease.

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Intention Reset: Getting Back on Track

We hit the midway point of 2020 - let’s acknowledge our journey towards mastering uncertainty. And perhaps that entrepreneurial intention you set at the beginning of the year needs some attention. On this episode of The Soul-Sourced Podcast, let's do an intention reset for the second half of the year.

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How to Get Scary Things Done

I've heard a lot about the fears of entrepreneurs over the last 10 years, and oftentimes, they’re shared by everyone, but we tend to believe we're the only ones facing them. Let’s talk about this mental chatter on this episode of The Soul-Sourced Business.

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The New Money Mindset Paradigm

Welcome to the Soul-SourcedTM Business Podcast! I’m kicking off the show with an important topic during challenging times as an entrepreneur. So here we go… let’s talk about your money mindset.


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